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Our Terms and Conditions of Sale

It is your responsibility to read the below terms of sale prior to agreeing on a sale.

•If you would like to secure a horse a £300 deposit is required which will secure the  horse for up to 7 days. No horse is secure without this and is still open for sale. 

•After the 7 day period you can either*

-pay in full and collect your horse

-pay full livery on your horse at £15 per day until collection (holidays will be £30 per day, these include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter)

-forfeit the £300 deposit and the horse will be readvertised

•If you require a veterinary inspection this is at your own cost. All horses are open to 2 & 5 stage inspections

All are to take place on-site before leaving me

In the event a horse fails a veterinary inspection the £300 deposit will be refunded. 

•If you decide against buying the horse for any reason you forfeit the £300 deposit 

•Returns within 30 days if horse is unsuitable 20% handling fee applies. 

The horse must be returned in the same condition as when it left our premises. (This includes no hair cuts changing the horse’s appearance)

*If we have made other arrangements regarding the 7 day collection please ignore this. 

Our Terms: Our Farm
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