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Registered New Forest 
14h 5yo gelding 

Top quality well bred pony
Sire: Vynnes Magical Edition won at HOYS 2023 as overall ridden M&M champion 
Applewitch Pure Magic - well known stallion 

He will be looking for a competitive home where he will be out & about 

He hacks alone & in company. He is still a little worried about big traffic such as tractors, nothing horrible & improving every time (so confident rider needed to continue this improving) 
He’s not bothered about the usual “scary” things hacking such as road works 

Has been put to a farm ride & behaved perfectly! Plodded happily, picked up for a canter when asked, covered lots of types of ground confidently.  Went off to jump some XC fences 

❣️In the Arena
Schooling well in all 3 paces. Nicely, responsive ride. He is a 5 year old, going well for his age & has had a great start, needs education continued. 
Learning basic lateral work. 
Pops round fences happily, shows plenty of scope to do a nice height in the future. Very honest & always tries! 

Has been schooled on grass too & just the same to ride as in the arena! 

Been to dressage competition where he took everything in his stride (once he got over the scary boards etc) first test he spooked & left the boards. Second test he won with 69.13% with lovely comments - proving how quick of a learner he is! 
Warmed up perfectly with other horses around, rode around the car park without an issue. 

He is owned by a friend. She’s had him since a 2yo and got him started off well in his work before sending him to me to continue her work & find his new home 

❣️Home he’s looking for 
He is looking for a home with a competent rider who can continue to produce him.
He is a very versatile pony, shown in his breeding too. He could go off into any sphere 

Up to date with 
▫️Dentist - April 2024
▫️Physio - June 2024
▫️Farrier - barefoot 
▫️Vaccinations - Due booster Nov 2024

Please send this information to me 

Who is the horse for?

What is rider looking to do? 

Details on riders experience? 

Can rider produce a young horse?


▪️ Arena

▪️ Field

▪️ Bareback

▪️ Farm ride

▪️ Dressage




5yo Welsh x mare
150cm (just under 15h would measure in as pony) 

❣️In the arena
Working away in a nice natural contact with lovely paces. Really willing to learn. 
More woah than go. But the more she’s learnt the more nicely forward she has become. 

Started popping fences currently show jumps up to around 70/70cm.  Very honest, never refuses or hesitates, with work she will have decent scope! Currently just need to find a more forward pace 

No reason when she’s more established & forward she won’t do big tracks. 

❣️Out & About
▫️Been out to a couple of intro dressage competitions, was fab with the whole atmosphere and come away with scores of mid 60s
▫️Arena XC hire, jumped everything asked of her & worked it out as she went 
▫️Camp at Somerford, 3 days away, perfect with EVERYTHING. Happy & content in the stable, 2 XC lessons jumping everything asked. Water, steps, ditches. SJ lesson, farm ride
▫️Beach ride, plodded buckle end reins, walked straight in the sea, cantered/galloped in company, cantered through water, went off alone, took no notice of all the people around 

❣️ Hacking 
Done a lot of hacking in the past, both in busy roads & in open fields. Alone & in company 

She isn’t bothered about any type of traffic. Will lead or plod away at the back. Not a spooky type. Leads past the “scary” road works
Great in open spaces!

❣️ Would suit 
Looking for an all round home, PC/fun/competitive  
Not suitable for nervous novices simply because she’s young & wants her education carried on. 
She could have a very competitive life ahead of her! 
Will not be sold as a happy hacker (due to needing mind occupied by a bit of schooling & variation)

❣️ Previously
She was doing lots of hacking both in company & alone in various situations. 
She was sold on to a lovely lady but they were not compatible as too green for the lady. 

Up to date with 
▫️Dentist - June 2024
▫️Physio - April 2024
▫️Vaccinations - Booster due November 2024

Her only downfall is she has been tricky to load in the past. However we’ve always had her loaded in under a minute with me walking her on & someone flicking a whip beside her. (Not hitting her) if you messed about you’d probably make her tricky again. 
Travels perfectly 
On her own can paw & whinny for the first 5mins. Then quiet the rest of the journey 

Mare was a full section D. 
Have DNA results for Luna showing she is Welsh x Spanish horses. She is on a basic  passport

Please send this information to me

Who is the horse for?

What is rider looking to do? 

Details on riders experience? 

Can rider produce a young horse?

This is a mare I adore & wish I could keep myself! 


▪️ Hack

▪️ Dressage

▪️ Child

▪️ Arena hire

▪️ Camp day1

▪️Camp day 2

▪️ Bareback

▪️ Solo hack


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