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£3500 Sold

13h 5YO gelding  
He is bum high & still growing
has been ridden by children 

He walks, trots & canters in the arena. Goes over trotting poles 
He’s very willing to work nicely, he could make a very smart pony in the future. 
The cutest little temperament, he will cuddle in, give kisses, groom you back. 
Good to handle, catch etc 
No vices, lumps or bumps 
He has proven he can work out his rider & ride to their ability! He’s had novice children on & basically ‘switched off’ and been very quick & leg on. Then with a more experienced rider he is a more forward pony, but isn’t going to take off. 
He’s fab out hacking, can drift a little to the side when he has a look, but that’s improving each times he’s out. He passes all traffic & never looks at any. Silage time is no issue for him 😅🚜 

He has shown a very nice shape popping a fence & I think will make a fab PC or SJ pony with a bit more experience 

He does want further education but he’s a lovely pony with a great attitude! 

Price will increase as he does more

Dentist up to date
No lumps or bumps 
Good to clip
Good to load/travel
Good to catch
Has passed a full 5 stage vetting at the end of March. 
-But of course still open to any vettings



£4300 Sold

13.2h 7YO gelding 

Smart looking pony 
All rounder type 
Proving to be a nice simple pony. 
More forward than a kick along type
Good to hack both alone & in company 

No nervous riders as he can jog at times. He is never strong and always ridden in a snaffle

Be a great pony club type of pony

Nice & easy on the ground, very friendly & loves a fuss. Would stand & lick you all day long 😂
Lives in or out, been out on his own and been out with both mares & geldings 

Working away well on the flat
Pops over jumps. Has potential to do this quite well! Has been out and jumped cross country with me, took to everything with a great attitude!  Went up and down drops, in and out of water, over a ditch and a range of solid fences 

Been out on a farm ride with a child, behaved perfect the whole day. 
Currently stabled with the young girl. So viewings taking place on their yard - still arranged with me & I’ll be there. (Young girl just wanted him to ride for the time being)

Up to date with dentist
Good to clip
Good to catch 
Good to load/travel 



£5500 Sold

14.1h 6YO gelding

A seriously quality pony in from Ireland 

He schools nicely in walk, trot & canter. Canter wants a little improvement. 
Responsive & goes off the leg nicely
Pops over both SJ & XC fences, popped around 70/75cm hasn’t been pushed for higher. Jumps quietly, doesn’t rush etc

Hacks out both alone and in company, isn’t bothered about traffic. 

He’s the type who wants to please, he always tries his best. 

No vices
Shod in front 
Up to date with dentist 
Great to handle & mess on with 


Mr Whizz


Currently unavailable
12.2h 10YO gelding. 

He is ride & drive. Been ridden & handled by children 

He is such a genuine pony!  Walks, trots and canters in the arena, I’d say he hasn’t done loads of ridden work previously but he’s very genuine & hasn’t put a foot wrong. Needs leg to keep him going and doesn’t mind the rider flapping about on him. 

Really good to hack out
I’ve popped a little cross pole on him but he’s no show jumper 
Can go on or off lead rein

Really good to generally handle, likes to be groomed and fussed, picks all feet up, leads well. Good to tack up 
He is nervy to put a rug on (just tenses)

Please note. He will not be tried driven with me as it’s not something I do. 
His price will continue to increase the more work he is doing 

Dentist up to date
Shod all round



13h gelding 
Had some time off due to no jockey, but previously been a child’s pony & been in a riding school. 
Has been used both on and off the lead rein in the past, he’s happy to be lead from another horse too whilst hacking. 

He’s great on the ground, happy to be fussed, led about, easy to work around in the stable. Very loveable lad who loves attention. 

He’s actually proving to be quite a forward going pony.. with continued work he may get back to being a steadier type. 
He’s showing to be much easier when hacking. 

I’m selling him as a forward pony for a competent little jockey. My little rider walks, trots & canters him, he is strong. So gutsy kid needed too if wanting to do lots. 

Or suit a happy hacking home as he is much steadier when just out hacking. Goes alone & in company 

He is a cheeky pony. He will nap when schooling. I am NOT selling this lad as a perfect pony. Same to ride in an open field as he is in the arena. 

Dentist up to date 
No vices 




(This is just her pet name atm as she come unnamed & a bit scruffy😂🥰)
13.2 4YO mare

Very genuine little mare. 
Walks, trots & canters quietly. Both in the arena & on grass. 
Jumps over small fences very quietly (she’s young, so not been asked for big ones)
Hacks out alone & in company, not fussed about traffic. 
No issue for a child to ride

Completely tested with the rider flapping, bouncing, being unbalanced ✔️ 

I’ve seen videos from when she was in Ireland of
Walk, trot & canter
Jumping XC fences 

No vices 
Up to date with dentist 

Price is set to increase as she’s going to start going out & about. Last chance to get her at this bargain price!!



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