15.2h 10YO cob gelding

Originally over from Ireland as a 5YO. Has been owned by good friends of mine since. 

•He is not your typical cob, he is forward going! •Not a plod. 
•Hacks anywhere alone or in company. Used with all farm machinery & animals. 
•He has spent his life hacking, but has recently been doing school work & taking to it all nicely. •Forward type but not silly 
•He does also jump, he’s confident & has a decent pop on him. I’d say he would happily jump round 90  (I’ve jumped 110 single fence. He never backs off - he ALWAYS tries!)

Hopefully I’ll get him over some XC fences soon if he’s still with me! 

He is believed to of hunted when he was young over in Ireland. However can’t guarantee (what owners were told by who they bought from) 

•Can be caught, lead & fully handled by children
•Good with dogs running about round him.  
•Good to clip, is twitched for his ears & legs
•Good for the farrier, vet & dentist
•Recently shod all round
•Teeth done this week (Monday 26th Sept)
•No vices 
•Loads & travels no problem 
•Good to catch
•I’ve had him out with both mares & geldings no issue (but had previously been seen to be bossy - but hasn’t here)
•Happy stables or living out

He does not come with tack. But his tack can be available at extra cost of £1800 It’s not cheap rubbish. He has a Solution saddle which was fitted to him by a saddle fitter.

He MUST be tried
I will give owners last say on his home as this is very important, he is a much loved boy! 




For sale if the right home comes along 

This is my own horse, however with my homebred youngster to concentrate on I’m not sure I have the time for her. Plus, she’s much more talented than myself 😂

15.2h compact Irish Sport Horse mare
9 Year Old. No breeding recorded. 

She can be a quirky, sharp little horse. By no means dangerous and isn’t one that’s going to intentionally want to throw you off. 

She’s very talented, she leaves a foot above fences and has plenty of scope. 

She can work beautifully on the flat & has come away with dressage tests with 70%

She does need kept interested or she will lose concentration & spook instead. 

She hacks out alone & in company, at the back or the front. I’ve hacked her for miles. She’s not bothered about any traffic at all, but she will spook at a longer strand of grass on the verge. 

She has hunted with me a few times two years ago and was perfectly well behaved every time. Everyone wanted to buy her!

She’s been out to plenty of show jumping and arena eventing competitions. Been out to a couple of camps last year and behaved perfectly being in a new environment, always chilled & happy. 

As long as you’re a confident rider she will jump anything for you. She’s trained 110 SJ courses & trained 100 XC. We’re generally competing at 90cm she has been jumping double clears at unaff eventing recently. Show jumping round 90-1m clear 

She prefers having some winter turnout, we have none & she’s generally just spookier to ride. 
However, when out at competitions etc she still performs well. 

Yes she will throw in silly rears & broncs. If you can’t manage that then she isn’t for you. 

She’s good to generally handle. 
Great to load, travel, catch, bath & clip. 
Can be slightly fidgety for the farrier (she gets bored after a while) 

She’s a very smart looking horse

She has no lumps, bumps or vices. 
She has a slight tear to her right nostril but she’s had this since a foal & it causes no issues. 

Sensible offers considered for very good homes 




14.2h (to make 15h) 3yo Cob gelding (2019)
Unbroken, lightly backed & turned away. 
Great prospect for someone to make their own. 
Very sweet, kind eye & friendly boy
Little nervous right now, but will soon come round with work I’m doing. Just spent his life mostly living out 
He was lightly backed the back end of summer then turned away. 
Over from Ireland in summer. 
He picks up his feet, leads well. Can be a little funny to catch still but just as he’s still building his confidence 

He has no vices 

He met the dentist & had his teeth done & was a very good boy (5th October) 
Does have 2 wolf teeth which are being removed on Friday (7th October) along with vaccinations being started 


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