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Just a few pointers to check before arranging your viewing
▫️You have the Appropriate funds available to buy before viewing 
▫️No horse is secure without a deposit 
▫️Please ensure you do actually want to buy a horse 
▫️Please ensure the horse you want to try is a height you are willing to buy
▫️Be honest on your own ability!
▫️Make sure the horse you’re interested in is suitable for your intentions 
▫️If you arrange a viewing, turn up or give plenty of notice if unable to make it
▫️It is polite that even if you decide against the horse, to contact and let us know you’ve decided against the said horse
▫️You understand horses are live animals with their own mind, not robots
▫️I am happy for you to bring knowledgeable friends/instructors 
▫️I always recommend lessons, especially for novice riders and new partnerships 
▫️If you have been out of the saddle for some time - go for some lessons to get the feel back before attending viewings

❌ If you have not ridden for a period of time please get yourself back in the saddle before viewing horses ❌
▫️ I am not an instructor, I can help but there is limits & I feel this is beyond what is expected of me
▫️ My horses are NOT riding school horses, it isn’t fair for me to ask them to cope with people who haven’t ridden in years during a viewing, no matter the type of horse

Please go get yourself a few lessons beforehand as we lose the feel & balance with time out of the saddle. 

I do apologise if any of the above comes across harsh, or like I’m stating common sense. 

I do work alone in all areas, therefore I do have to plan to work around viewings and fit them in, this does take up a lot of time. 

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